Sunglasses trends

Sunglasses Trends
Wearing sunglasses is a fashion statement. A small accessory will make you look chic and stylish. Classic styles such as aviator sunglasses and traveler’s sunglasses are tried and true, but they still run the risk of being stolen by newer models in the face of the latest trends. This season, everything from futuristic to retro, or bright and bold colors, stunning shapes, and eye-catching thick frames speaks to pop culture’s current obsession. Let’s take a look at what’s trending in sunglasses this spring and summer.
1. Bright color collection
Bright, bold colors have led the way for sunglasses to make the biggest impact in recent years. This is right in line with the current dopamine mood-wearing vibe, such as fun fringe, waterproof platform thick heels, and illusion prints. Color is a mood booster and is the number one trend in all categories. This spring, this wave of color euphoria will come rushing in, from sky-clear blues and Day-Glo yellows, from rose reds and lime greens to the bright whites that are so prevalent in summer.
2. Clear sunglasses frames
The combination of clear frames and translucent lenses creates the ultimate minimalist beauty. From Vivienne Westwood to Amplio Armani and Fendi, these brands are enjoying the minimalist influence of this trend. From multi-element to the simple beauty of simplicity, the trend of fashion is cyclically closed.
3. Pastel shades
Pastel shades are light and soft, and this trend is synonymous with sophistication, reminiscent of a leisurely afternoon tea and sandwich and a relaxing bike ride on a country road. Subtle shades like mint green, orange pink, lavender mauve, ice blue, and peach are the perfect combination of charming and laid-back. Cute glasses also have a place to show themselves in a delicate and romantic way.
4. Cat eye sunglasses
Cat eye frames are arguably one of the most sophisticated eyewear silhouettes. The classic cat eye sunglasses have taken an interesting twist this season with colorful frames and bold prints, and they are sure to add a touch of feminine charm and playfulness to any outfit you wear. Unless you don’t want to exude feminine features, you definitely need to have a pair of cat-eye glasses.
5. Large Box Sunglasses
You will see a vintage style of oversized-rimmed glasses everywhere. The four-square silhouette instantly transports you back to the 1970s with glasses that come in a variety of shapes and styles, from rectangular rimmed to square rimmed. Large square-rimmed glasses also made a big presence on the runways of Balmain, Richard Quinn, and Saint Laurent.
6. Futuristic
Transcendent but not overly so, shield sunglasses and visor sunglasses continue to take center stage in the world of high fashion, perfectly shaped for sport and fashion. These glasses are ready to dress up for your first foray into the meta-universe.
7. Y2K Style
The Y2K style is back, and this one is already well known. Looking back at the golden age, fashion has become a trend, and at the same time, it brings back the rimless sunglasses of the past. Frameless sunglasses made a huge comeback in the early 21st century. For the upcoming sunny days, frameless sunglasses will surely make you look elegant and chic.

Appointments – Manage Your Time Better At Home to Be Effective

What would happen to you if your home life was more organized than it is right now? Can work-life balance be achieved? What are the tools at our disposal? Could scheduling appointments and keeping them at home help us save time and prioritize?

What is the challenge we face? I sometimes find that time spent at home can be the busiest time, especially in the times we live in. Imagine someone working from home, home-schooling children, and sometimes even doing a side hustle. Imagine also the full-time home-based entrepreneur. How do they manage to do all they need to do in a day?. We are living in a time when many entrepreneurs and even company employees have adopted work- at – home culture. This comes with its challenges as the lines become blurred between home and work. These blurred lines and constraints on the limited resource called time result in over-worked, under-rested, burnt-out individuals. Whilst good time management has been encouraged and indeed, embraced in the workplace, I believe more needs to be done in changing the mindset for the elusive work-life balance to be achieved.

What are the tools at our disposal? To manage time effectively at home, there are many interventions one can employ including setting goals for the day, prioritizing wisely, setting a time limit for every task, organizing oneself, and instituting the discipline of appointments. Yes, an appointment at home! We can spend time pontificating on the pros and cons of each intervention, however, I believe we need to focus on appointments and see how this can powerfully change the course of one’s day regardless of whether it’s a workday or weekend. Life is busy as it is without any intrusions. The question is how do you handle the one who announces that they are at the gate. These can be friends, neighbors, a salesman of some product you do not even need. I am not promoting regimentation here but rather a culture of filling your day with what’s important. Everything that we succeed at is because we carefully plan and execute it. I am a firm believer that you cannot manage time if you do not manage yourself thus I implore you to incorporate planning and appointments into your repertoire. I am not talking about something I do not do. I have to achieve many things in a day therefore I set appointments with my work, others, and myself.

Could scheduling appointments and keeping them on the home front help us save time and prioritize? Whereas we have established that it is a normal business practice to set appointments and keep them, we need to abandon the liberal open-door policy of allowing all and sundry to have access to us as and when they please on the home front. Please understand where I am coming from. We each have greatness within us but for us to achieve it we need to culture great habits. Employing the use of appointments at home and seeing only those people you had agreed to see removes non-essential encounters especially during the most productive hours. I know this will vary with culture, geographical region, or even level of affluence, whether you live in a low density or high-density residential area, but doesn’t negate the need to be organized and effective. Controlling access determines how organized you are and how well you will work and rest when the time for scheduled rest comes.

What do we need to do differently? We need to be disciplined and diligent, learn to say no, now is not a good time, let’s make an appointment for next week. What are the benefits of this approach? You are not always fire-fighting to meet deadlines, You are not always tired because you have not taken time out to rest. You have set aside enough time to spend with your loved ones or a loved one. If you are a busy person, I am sure you appreciate what I am saying. Whether it’s time to work uninterrupted, family time, or “me-time”, it takes some kind of order to enjoy it.

I am not saying that those that come unannounced are bad people. No, not at all, they probably are people you enjoy spending time with. Nevertheless, there must be prior communication so that you can attend to your visitor(s) when it is convenient for both you and them. It can be quite disrupting and a whole day can just pass by without achieving anything that you had planned to do.

As we grow older we begin to appreciate that rest and recovery need to be scheduled. The fact that I am relaxing doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything to do. One therefore cannot assume that just because you are at home you are available. Maybe you have scheduled that time to rest. That is important. You need to make an appointment with yourself, spouses need to also set aside time for each other. Parents need to schedule a time to spend with their children. When you have some sort of order in your life you determine who sees you and who you see. It also means that your relationships will be healthy and that makes you a happier person.

In conclusion, I believe that the work-life balance can be achieved. There are many tools at our disposal just like it is in the workplace.I believe we could do more and be happier if we are disciplined enough to make only the commitments we can keep.I am certain that setting appointments and keeping them at home help us save time and prioritize.

The Benefits of Building a House Extension

One of the big issues generated when the children are growing up, and new members are included in the family, is how the space will be enough for them. Precisely for that reason, a lot of people start considering what to do in order to find solution for the problem. For example, some of them buy a new house or apartment, while others begin to think how to extend the current house. To be frank, I do not know the answer of this kind of problem but at least I can help by providing the benefits of the house extension.

It is well known that the market of houses is quite expensive. So in this sense I would like to say that this is the biggest benefit of the building of a house extension, the money you will save. There are other factors, which are also beneficial but this is the most important. Moreover, everyone searches for cheap and affordable solution of any problematic issue. Hence, it seems that the generated extra space of the house will be the best manner to accomplish such aim. As a matter of fact, I can say this in other way. It isn’t worth it to purchase a new property with two or three more rooms only because there is a lack of space, especially when you have chance to have them with less spent means. As a consequence, you and your family will have the necessary rooms with many other pluses.

Other merit of the building a house extension is the fact that you will be in your home. Everyone loves to spend his or her whole life in the birthplace. This is a dream for everyone, so when there is an opportunity for that to be done, we need to catch it. What is more, if you move in a place somewhere else you will encounter many problems. For instance, you need to move all your stuff. Probably, there will be a need of changing the schools of your children as well as their itinerary to the schools. Another bad thing is that you are supposed to have new friends and neighbors, something unnecessary if you extend the house. The route to your work will be different too. Hence, if you want to omit those obstacles, the best way is to make your home bigger.

When you extend your house, you will have supplementary space only for you. However, this is not as important as the next advantage of that to have extended house. To stop beating against the bush I will say that you are supposed to have bigger value of the house price.